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A Birmingham Magazine casual dining column by Daniel SchumacherBirmingham Magazine

Since December 2009, Daniel has acted as a casual dining and beer columnist for Birmingham’s longest-running city magazine. Topics have included curbside tacos, locally-brewed beer, award-winning Cuban sandwich-makers, and a barbecue chain with strong local roots.

Casual Dining: Brannon’s Public House (March 2010)
Casual Dining: Fultondale Bakery (Feb. 2010)
Casual Dining: Kool Korner (Jan. 2010)
Casual Dining: Taqueria Guzman (Dec. 2009)
Beer Column: The American Double IPA (Dec. 2009)

Thicket Magazine's autumn cover••••••••••

Thicket Magazine

For the September-October issue of up-and-coming Alabama state magazine Thicket, Daniel spoke with quite a few competitive pitmasters, restaurant owners, authors, and barbecue enthusiasts to cut through the hickory smoke and explain Alabama’s unique contributions to the genre.

Pit Crew: Barbecue in Alabama (Sept. 2009)

A weeknight dinner story written by Daniel Schumacher



Cottage Living

Daniel was the Cottage Living assistant food editor from August 2007 until it was shuttered in October 2008. He edited recipes, managed tastings, wrote stories, styled food for studio and on-location photo shoots, found exciting new products, and ran the magazine’s food blog.

Local Flavor: Paso Robles Wine Country (Oct. 2008)
Cottage Industry: Cristiana Ginatta (Aug. 2008)
Fresh Daily: New Pot Roasts (April 2008)
Sweet Tooth: Peanut Butter Cookies (March 2008)

An interview of a young, experimental mixologist by Daniel Schumacher


Food Arts

As a temporary editorial assistant, Daniel served the monthly food industry magazine Food Arts by fact checking, assisting in research, editing, and copy writing support. The profile below features cutting-edge mixologist and food personality Yvan Lemoine.

Free Spirits (April 2006)




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